Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No time for boating....

In my neck of the woods this is the wrong time for boating... Maybe if you had an icebreaker at your disposal things would be better. But since I don't... no lake for me. Winter is the time for workshop activities. I seem to be up to my neck in projects. That's the way I like things. Once the glue is drying on one boat... I can use the time to jump over to the next one, and the next one, and the next one....Due to my limited work space I've set a build board up so that I can flip it and work on two projects in the same space.

A you can see I'm working on a Mahogany Runabout... and suspended beneath is a River Tug. The cardboard on the Runabout is just to give me an idea about the layout I want deck wise... I'll use the cardboard later as a template for the sub deck.

Ok back to work... I post a couple of pics to show the progress of things.

Until next time, keep the wind at your back and press on.

Skipper Jim
History Afloat